So, you have just settled down in Macau? No doubt, it’s a great place to start your new life and business too. But when you are a US foreigner here, it would be better for you to have a little idea of Macau Expat Tax Services.

It’s because when you would come to us for help with your personal and corporate tax, you won’t find it a surprise or SHOCK! In our today’s blog, you are about to get a detailed idea about a few expat tax facts. Keep on reading it if required!

Some unknown facts about Macau Expat Tax Services

Needless to say, understanding the expat codes and tax laws is quite a challenging and daunting task. In fact, if you have a plan to do it on your own, forget it!

The tax non-resident tax structure in Macau is complex and overwhelming where you need our help! Here, our team of CPAs tries to guide you as much as possible about Macau Expat Tax Services. Such as:

Do the non-residents in Macau need to pay taxes?

Yes, just like, the resident individuals and companies, the foreigners have to make tax payments according to the expat tax laws and rates. In Macau, you have to file tax returns on the income you have earned within this territory.

On the other hand, the US worldwide tax laws are there, saying that worldwide tax payments are a MUST no matter where you reside! Hence, you need to pay taxes of the USA and current resident country.

Does a non-resident need to pay double taxes in Macau?

If you are a US expat, it’s obvious that you have to pay taxes on the earnings within Macau. Contrarily, when you have income from Macau and other counties, the tax rates would have adhered to their tax laws.

How to avoid double taxes while living in Macau

There may create a treaty with the USA when a US expat comes to Macau and settle down family and business. The treaty describes:

  • When you have to pay taxes
  • What will be the rates
  • Type of taxes that you will pay

If you want to avoid paying double taxes or have a concession, you have to register in Macau SAR. And depending on your residency status, they will decide the above tax details.

But if there is no treaty between Macau and the USA, we, APAC Taxation Group, suggest using Foreign Income Exclusion (FIE). It will help you eliminate the wages from US taxes if you have met their residency regulations.

Or, you can go for Foreign Tax Credit (FTC) that will allow you to claim tax credits for taxes you have paid in Macau. Our tax specialists can guide you throughout the process and decide on the best interest for you.

Have you got some help from this guide? Now, if you want to consult and have guidance from our tax experts, contact us! We ensure to keep you compliant and minimize the tax exposure! Stay in touch!