Admit that when the tax season knocks at the door, you hate the sound! In fact, it’s the job that needs to get done, but that’s not a matter of much FUN! On the other hand, Macau Personal Tax comes with quite complicated rules and regulations that are beyond DIY!

That’s why most homeowners in Macau come to us with their overall needs of individual income tax. From preparation to tax returns- we cover everything!

But yes, you may have queries before working with our CPAs that you prefer to ensure. Isn’t it? Here is what you can ask us!

Questions about Macau Personal Tax that you can ask

Needless to mention, we have different certified tax accountants there to serve you, depending on your needs. Yet, it makes sense to question the experts before hiring and confirm the details. Such as:

Do I need to pay professional tax in Macau if employed here?

OKAY! Don’t get confused with the word ‘Professional Tax!’ It is another term of Individual Income tax in Macau. According to Macau SAR, if you are an employee in a business here or serve in Taiwan for payment, you have to pay personal tax as per the fixed rates. Your payment will be regardless of:

  • How many days you have resided in Taiwan

  • Where you work

  • Your residency status in Macau

  • Where you can receive the payment

How much will you charge for the personal tax services?

Now, this depends on what kind of services you need from us! The charges will vary from the entire service (including tax returns) if you ask for only tax preparation. Also, the payment can go more or less depending on the area you reside in Macau. For more information, you can follow us on Twitter too!

Can I reach you any time out of tax season?

Yes, of course! Not only during the tax season, but you can get in touch with us other times of the year. We can help you prepare your tax and guide you throughout the audit as well.

Do you have an idea of the specific requirements for Macau Personal tax?

Yes, our CPAs have extensive knowledge of the Macau tax laws and regulations, including the documents requirements for the tax preparations and filing. Apart from this, we also offer other services related to accounting!

Do you have further queries? Feel free to ask us! At APAC Taxation Group, we will answer all your question while scheduling a consultation. Stay in touch!