So, you are on a plan to move your business to China and try to understand your finances. Do you really think that you can handle tax preparations on your own now and save money? That’s completely your misconception! The confusing China Corporate Tax rules and their constant changes can leave you overwhelmed, and that’s not a good sign for your business. Instead, you better get our CPA (Certified Public Accountants) on your side and let us handle it from start to finish!

Who needs CPA to handle China Corporate Tax and When?

Anyway, just like the smartphone notifications, a few questions may pop up in your mind! For example, when you should go for corporate tax experts or which China business should consider this. Isn’t it? We are here to answer you! Have a look:

Considerable situations to hire tax preparers

Here are some of the scenarios when hiring CPAs is better than handling your company tax yourself. Such as:

  • Are you running out of time? Maybe it’s possible when you are at the business startups in China. So many things are there to take care of apart from preparing taxes. Hence, the risk occurs of missing the deadline somehow!

  • If you are new in China, understanding the China Corporate Tax laws is hardly achievable. We, APAC Taxation Group, suggest letting our team of CPAs handle that! They have years of experience and knowledge about the international tax-optimization structures and compliance regulations of China.

  • Are you in a complicated tax situation and finding no way to get out of it? Don’t take a risk! Our tax experts can help you prepare your taxes perfectly while reducing the tax commitment with maximizing profit!

  • As mentioned, while moving your business to China, you can find tax preparations overwhelming because of the confusing tax rules. In fact, you may end up messing up the calculation at the end of the day.

Which business should consider a tax preparer?

In China, countless options are there for business persons. But if you run any of the following ones, make sure to have the assistance of our team of CPAs. For instance:

  • SMBs and larges business

  • Self-employed

  • If you offer financial support

  • When you handle bigger assets or prepare the sale of stocks

We hope our information may prove quite helpful for you and your business. If you have made your mind about hiring our team of CPAs to manage your China Corporate Tax preparations and filing, let us know!