Other Services

APAC Taxation are a group of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). We practise all accounting services but specialise in working with foreign companies in China and Hong Kong. We are experts in accounting regulations across the different jurisdictions. We understand all the rules and regulations expatriate companies must adhere to. We can cut out all the red tape and optimise your business needs while maintaining compliance to stay off the radar from authorities. We’re a one-stop shop for foreign businesses with a presence in Greater China.

We provide additional services other than taxation;


China Payroll Service

Running payroll is a daunting task for foreign companies in China. The regulations are complex in itself but add to that the difference in regulations between different provinces. We allow foreign businesses with a presence in China to focus on their business while our experienced team make their payroll processing run seamlessly. For payroll services in China, get in contact with us now.

China Employment Service

To hire an employee inside China you must set up a company. A lot of foreign companies don’t want to set up a legal entity. Some companies want to test the water first by putting an agent in China with a view to setting up a legal entity if all goes well. Other companies just want a representative in China with no intention of setting up a company. There’s a way around these barriers and it’s call a PEO (Professional Employment Organisation). PEO’s are common with foreign businesses in China and Hong Kong. If you need a PEO then get in touch with us now.

China Accounting Service

We provide accounting services in China. If you need an accountant in China then reach out to us by phone, or fill out our quote form.


Hong Kong Payroll Service

The rules and regulations around payroll in Hong Kong are complex. We specialize in payroll services for foreign companies in Hong Kong. To talk to one of our payroll specialists, get in touch with us now

Hong Kong Employment Service

If you’re looking to hire employees in Hong Kong, the most common way to go about it is through a Professional Employment Organisation (PEO). Using a PEO allows expat organisations to avoid a lot of red tape while maintaining compliance. It’s the most cost effective way for foreign companies to hire employees in Hong Kong. To learn more, fill out our contact form now.

Hong Kong Accounting Service

APAC Taxation are Certified Public Accountants in Hong Kong. We provide accounting services in Hong Kong. To talk to us about your accounting needs, get in touch with us now.

Hong Kong Company Secretary Service

All companies in Hong Kong must have a company secretary (Section 154 of Hong Kong Companies Ordinance). We provide Company Secretary Services to foreign companies in Hong Kong. To find out more, get in contact with us now.

Employee Background Check

It is advised that foreign companies with a presence in Hong Kong check the background of all potential employees. APAC Taxation can perform these checks on your behalf. To get a free quote for this service, fill in our quote request form.