Without doubts, the tax liability is quite tricky for business owners, especially while in Taiwan. Whether you are a resident or expat here, managing Taiwan Corporate Tax on your own is not that easy nut to break! You may end up getting overwhelmed with the complicated tax laws and structure.

Hence, you should let us handle that! Our expert tax specialists can give you the best advice on your tax commitment reduction and managing your business tax from A to Z.

Simple tips to decrease the Taiwan corporate tax exposure

The tax rate is 20% of taxable income over 120,001 TWD, while taxable income under 120,001 TWD is exempt. Well, we can bet that you often skip or never know these ideas that can reduce your tax commitment and boost your profit. In fact, many non-resident business owners come with questions about Taiwan individual income tax but not showing interest regarding this.

Anyway, the following tips may help you minimize the tax liability. Such as:

Stay focus on the current tax law:

It’s the best way to be aware of the latest changes in the tax rules and regulations. After all, the same ideas of last year won’t work for you this year to reduce the tax exposure.

Anyway, you may hardly get time to stay up-to-date. Isn’t it? But our tax experts can do it on your behalf! Hence, they can advise you on keeping your tax liability low, depending on the latest tax changes.

What’s about healthcare?

Do you have a high-deductible healthcare plan? If so, it’s a great way to save tax-free money and keep the liability low. Yes, the Taiwan laws may vary a little bit in contributions and withdrawals for residents and non-residents. But our tax preparers can help you throughout the process. For more details about our tax services, you can follow us on Twitter.

Increase the deductions

Our tax specialists can help you understand how you can control your business expenses. As the outlay will get reduced, the less corporate tax you need to pay! You can maximize the deductions in marketing, travel, office supplies, and more.

In fact, you can do the same for the credits! However, make sure to keep the receipts so that our tax experts can access those for tax corporate tax filing and returns.

Do you need some help? Then, let us know! We, APAC Taxation Group, guarantee to decrease your tax exposure while keeping you stay compliant! Stay connected!