Are you a non-resident in Taiwan? Then, you may be in a rush when the tax season remains around the corner and knocking at your door. Especially if you are new here, the rules and regulations of Taiwan Individual Income Tax may be concerning. Isn’t it?

That’s why many questions may be in your mind, and we are here to answer all of those! In today’s blog, you can find the answers to all your queries.

Mostly asked questions about Taiwan Individual Income Tax

According to Taiwan Individual Income Tax rules, one will pay the personal tax returns by the 31st of May. But learning the dates is not enough for an expatriate but all the regulations. At APAC Taxation Group, our team of CPAs has come with all your answers mostly asked. Have a look:

When to file Taiwan Individual Income Taxes?

According to laws, you need to file your personal taxes from 1st May to 31st of May. Yes, due to the pandemic situation, the government has extended it to 30th June. On the other hand, if you are a non-resident leaving the country and have no plan to return, file your taxes at least ten days before you go.

Are my tax payments due?

Many expatriates in Taiwan don’t pay attention to the tax due date that is June 3rd and now 3rd of July because of COVID 19. You may have to pay penalties to miss your deadline for tax payments.

Am I eligible for Taiwan taxes?

Many non-residents have this question to ensure the tax payments and their eligibility. The rules are as follows:

  • If you live in Taiwan for 183 days or more, you are eligible for paying taxes and become a resident.
  • 18% of income tax is a fixed rate when people reside here, between 90 days and 183 days.
  • Expatriates who work here for over 90 days have to pay taxes on salary earned in Taiwan and overseas if you have.
What are the tax rates in Taiwan for non-residents?

People who earn lower than 1.5 the minimum wage per month that is 34,650 NT, will pay 6% tax on their income. Contrary, the expatriates need to pay 18% tax while getting at least 34,650 NT per month as salary.

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