We hope you are one of that 87% of people in Macau who use professional tax preparers to set up their tax returns and filing. But before our tax experts arrive at yours, several things are there that you need to manage! And one of those is arranging the documents required to file Macau Individual Income Tax.

If it’s the first time for you to pay personal tax in Macau after moving here, better make a checklist!

Checklist of documents to file Macau Individual Income Tax

You may have already scheduled an appointment with our tax experts to avoid the last-minute rush! Yes, our tax specialist can take information directly through a questionnaire to complete the process quickly. But there could be a delay unless you have done little advanced preparation.

And lining up the records can ease the Macau personal tax preparation and filing procedure. Such as:

Sort out all the documents

If you have no clue, ask our tax experts before the appointment which records you need to keep ready to provide them during the tax preparation process. You can start with:

  • Personal information, including your birth certificate, last year’s tax, and returns details
  • Provide current income details and previous income records (if you have gout an increment recently or changed the job)! It’s because if you earn around MOP 144,000, it’s tax-free. On the other hand, one has to pay 12% tax over MOP 424,000.
  • Mortgage interests if you have any
  • Items that come with monetary value
  • Residency status details (from the day you have arrived here)

Collect the receipts

Whether it’s last year’s tax deductions or claim, you may have got the receipts. Isn’t it? At APAC Taxation Group, our tax specialists suggest collecting all the records that are quite considerable to prepare and file the individual tax in Macau. The receipts will help us count the itemized deductions and compare that with the standard ones!

Do you expect a tax refund?

If yes, be open to our tax experts! They will help you throughout the process for tax refunds while filing the details. Then, you may get the refund directly to your account. But make sure to provide us a copy of the last year’s tax return details with your application.

Have you made the checklist? Now, it may be DEAD simple for our tax experts to prepare and file your Macau Individual Income Tax within the deadline. But before hiring, if you want to know more about our services, follow us on Twitter! Keep on reading!